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PetPitcher Forum Rules

Terms and Conditions

Please take a few minutes to read the following terms and conditions before participating in the forum. These terms and conditions are legally binding on all parties who participate or contribute to the forum.

Members who breach any of the terms and conditions herein will be automatically suspended and will not be allowed to participate any further in this forum. The suspension of any member will be at the sole discretion of the Administrator. In addition to this clause, the Administrator and/or Moderators reserves the right to delete, edit, move or lock any thread by any member as the Administrator and/or Moderator deems fit.

The Administrator shall at his sole discretion change and/or amend any of the terms and conditions herein without any notice to the members. If there are any issues and concerns, please contact the Administrator.

  1. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the Administrator of PetPitcher Forum nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of the forum software for PetPitcher) will be held responsible for the content of any message.
  2. You are required to quote the source of the information and give due credit to the author if the information that you share on the forum is from a third party or another source.
  3. Members hereby warrant with the Administrator that they will not post any messages and/or materials that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, political, defamatory to any other persons and/or third party or otherwise violative of any laws. Unsolicited advertisements and spamming is forbidden on the forum.
  4. You are required to indicate the town/district/city and country you are residing under your profile in the "location" field. This is important for others to have an idea of where you are from.
  5. Members hereby warrant that they will not under any circumstances encourage the collection of plants from the wild and/or disclose the exact or detailed direction to their location. Many species of carnivorous plants are endangered with extinction while others are threatened with possible future extinction in the wild.
  6. The medium of communication in this forum shall be the English language. You may use words from other languages but you must translate it to English for the benefit of everyone.
  7. PetPitcher artwork, design, articles, threads and posts may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Administrator and/or author.
  8. Pictures that you post on the forum may be displayed/archived in the picture gallery or main homepage. Member's name will be duly mentioned and acknowledged if their pictures are chosen. The Administrator reserve the right to accept/reject any picture for this purpose.
  9. All members are strongly urged to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge on the forum. Your contribution to the forum is important to help it grow and be a resource for other members/visitors.
  10. This forum is moderated and led by volunteers. Their decisions are final. Abusive attacks via e-mail, Private Message, or in any other way against the Administrators, Pioneers, Moderators, Executive Members or Advisors are wholly unacceptable.
  11. You are legally bound and required to honour your trade transactions, adhere to trading terms and ethics once you've agreed to participate in a purchase, exchange or giveaway. Please read the guidelines in the trading boards.

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