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Information About PetPitcher PLEASE READ! Information you need to know before participating in the discussions

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Old 12th April 2009, 09:53 AM
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The Trading Board and Group Purchase Board in the Member’s Corner is for member’s personal sale, exchange or giveaway of extra plants, cuttings, seeds and used items related to plants, including organising of group purchases. Please note the following terms and conditions before proceeding.

Members who do not honor their trade transactions or violate the terms and conditions listed here will be issued an infraction or barred from trading on the forum until further notice. Alternatively, the Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to ban the violator from participating further in the forum. Posts/threads that violate any terms and conditions will be deleted immediately.

1. You may not offer plants that are collected from the wild or organize group purchase from sources/supliers that violate CITES regulations and a country's laws.

2. You may post only plants and plant related items for sale, exchange or giveaway. This includes item or plant purchase in the Group Purchase board. Items that do not fall into these categories (plants and plant related items) will be considered spam and deleted immediately. Spammers will be banned from the forum.

3. All sales, exchanges or giveaways must be done in the Trading Board in the Member’s Corner category and no where else on the forum. In the same way, group purchase must be done in the Group Purchase board and no where else.

4. Suppliers, nurseries and companies are not allowed to offer their products and services in the Trading Board and Group Purchase Board. They are required to be sponsors before they can trade in the Sponsor’s Forum category. The defination of Supplier/Nursery/Company is an entity that is engage in a business or commercial activity of selling and supplying products and services as a means of livelihood or for profit.

5. Members are not allowed to post special offers, plants or items on behalf of suppliers or nurseries in the Trading Board.

6. A picture of the item or plant you are offering for sale, exchange or giveaway is required together with the quantity you're letting go and the size of the item or plant. This is to avoid misunderstanding.

7. You are required to personally post on the forum or Personal Message the offerer to show your interest to trade or to accept an offer and not through a third party. Similarly, you are required to personally post in the Group Purchase board to show your interest in joining the group purchase there.

8. Members are responsible for their own transactions in the Trading Board and Group Purchase board. The Administrator and/or PetPitcher cannot and shall not be held responsible or liable for any compensation in any way to parties involved in a failed transaction or bad deal in the Trading Board or Group Purchase board.

9. Once you have agreed to sell, purchase, exchange or participate in the group purchase organized in the Trading Board and Group Purchase board, you are legally bound to that transaction and required to honor it. If for any reason/reasons you are unable to follow though with the transaction, it is your responsibility to contact the other party to discuss a peaceful settlement. However, it is the prerogative of the other party to insist on full compensation from you.

10. If there are updates or changes on the items you are offering, you are advised to update your thread in the Trading Board. Once items have been sold or taken up, members offering the items need to post a notice to members in his thread that the offer is close.
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